ServiceClarity for JIRA DevOps Managers

Automate DevOps KPI reporting across all your JIRA projects

DevOps Metric Reports JIRA

Are you a DevOps manager using JIRA for agile development, outsourced software services, operations or support?

If so then you are probably delivering regular status reports to Senior Management, Customers and Boards.

Agile DevOps using JIRA improves quality by facilitating team collaboration. While JIRA helps manage development and operational activities within the team, reporting across multiple JIRA projects is tedious and frustrating.

ServiceClarity for JIRA dashboard helps DevOps managers analyse JIRA projects collecting detailed metrics including timings, story points and priority. ServiceClarity’s real-time analysis of labour utilisation and efficiency, drives projections of cost, release dates, and customer satisfaction.

By analysing which activities are performed by whom, and at what cost, ServiceClarity pinpoints where costs can be reduced and value is created.

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