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Find out time spent on stories for each developer

Time tracking is important for agile software development as it allows project managers to better estimate, gives visibility into how time is managed and spent as well as knowing what an organisations resources are working on ensuring they are aligned with overall business goals. 

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Our top 14 Software Quality KPIs

At ServiceClarity we believe that in order to be truly effective in monitoring and tracking development processes, every organisation requires KPIs that are custom to their data.  This allows them to completely optimise their processes while ensuring that they have accurate reports to empower how they make decisions.

However, it can be really difficult coming up with KPIs.  So we decided to put together a list of 14 Development KPIs that you should be implementing in to your engineering processes.

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The importance of an average resolution KPI

As a service provider a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement between you and your customer. It defines the services you will deliver, the responsiveness they can expect, and how you will measure performance.

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Benefits of Time Tracking for your Business

In order for agile teams and product owners to efficiently deliver high quality software, frequently within a short timescale, it is important to track time against stories and tasks. When product owners are contributing to multiple projects and teams are adjusting time estimates throughout the project, learning more about the product and development speed, product owners need an overview with an accurate picture of the project workflow to drive optimisation. While some feel time tracking is a way to watch individuals performance there are key advantages when tracking time within agile project management:

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