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Use Case: Measuring the KPIs that matter through lean capture and reporting of cloud service metrics.

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Agile and DevOps Needs a Stakeholder Reporting Layer


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Are we on Budget?

JIRA is one of the most popular workflow management and ticketing solution on the market today. Used daily to track and plan work in tens of thousands of oragnisations JIRA often contains the most up to date and accurate picture how teams and projects are performing.

I'd like to show you how you can leverage JIRA's rich dataset to answer the seemly simple but often intractable question: Are we on budget?

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Implementing the North Star Metric at Transpoco


The proper implementation of a North Star Metric (NSM) brings focus and clarity to a company’s strategy and allows that strategy to be communicated to all stakeholders. This blog explains the idea and gives an example of implementing strategic KPI reporting at Transpoco, culminating with the identification of their NSM. This is now the key metric used to drive the growth of the company. 

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Top 4 DevOps Metrics

DevOps reporting provides a feedback loop that is the key to understanding how well teams deliver, how fast processes change and how best to help people plan when a company switches to agile. Another advantage of this type of reporting is that it also seeks to be inclusive, bridging the gaps between teams outside of the development organization. This enables stakeholders and teams, outside of the loop of development tools such as JIRA, to stay informed. They are then able to plan based on real-time feedback, therefore reducing the ‘Silo’ effect, which can often lead to delays and cost overruns. The following metrics allow businesses to answers the questions: When will we be done? and Do we have the capacity to deliver?

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DevOps Reporting for Delivering DevOps Projects at High Velocity

Agile and Lean techniques are well established in the Software and Tech industries. They bring an approach to software development that focuses on delivering quality products at speed, enabling projects to iterate quickly and to respond to changing market conditions and user demand. Now businesses are applying agile ideas across the entire delivery life-cycle from concept, through development, to release and even on to customer success. DevOps is the application of agile methods to prioritize above all, the continuous delivery of working software that meets the needs of the users. It takes software from development to operations and beyond and enables businesses to innovate faster and to adapt and above all deliver business value at high velocity.

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6 Critical JIRA Metrics

There’s no denying that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are needed to help drive operational improvements. KPIs are imperative for Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) managers to present performance information for all levels of the organisation. Selecting the right KPIs will optimize effectiveness and deliver long-term value to the organisation. You can monitor your KPI’s through real-time metrics dashboards, making it easy to make timely informed decisions.

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