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6 benefits of applying Scaled Agile Framework

Why Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)?

Rapid adaptation to technology changes and economic conditions is a critical factor for success across all organisations. From this; challenges have come in the form of monitoring, control, communication, change management and many more. Introducing Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) has helped teams maintain an alignment with business goals keeping a balance in time, cost, and scope.

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5 KPIs Every Executive Meeting Should Be Talking About

The use of data in every business is becoming a fundamental decision maker. Every project manager will have a range of KPIs they are tracking and depending on the size of the company these KPIs may be measured by project, campaign or department. Each manager monitors their KPIs and reports to the executive management. The executive management then wants a collaborated view, they don't need to know the specifics of each project/campaign, they just need to know how the department's efforts are helping to reach the company's objectives.  

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The affordable alternative to Business Intelligence

 Business Intelligence, we've all heard of it, but what is it?

The whole concept of Business Intelligence surfaced in 1865, with a young guy called Richard Devens who was using it to describe how a banker profited from information by gathering and acting on it before his competition. More recently, an IBM computer scientist described the potential of gathering Business Intelligence (BI) through the use of technology. Business intelligence, as it is understood today, uses technology to gather and analyse data, translate it into useful information, and act on it "before the competition". 

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Why Retailers need to track their deliveries 🚚

Just a few years ago, online shoppers would happily wait a week or two to get their shopping. Today, thanks to companies like Amazon and ASOS, one-day shipping has become the norm. We have become so impatient that the majority of online shoppers expect their order status to be updated within a few hours, reports OSM Worldwide’s State of Online Shopper Delivery Expectations.

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What KPIs does YOUR department need to track?

KPI tracking is crucial, whether you are in engineering, sales or support you need a measurable value to ensure you are achieving your objectives. Whether this focuses on customer acquisition, product discovery or project velocity each of these areas require you to define what success is and how to measure it.

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5 Service Desk Metrics essential for 'Click and Collect' Retailers ⬆️🛍

The ‘click and collect’ service offers an increasingly important incentive to shoppers looking for convenience and reduced cost, with over 70% of shoppers making the choice to use click and collect. With 95% of shoppers claiming they would shop elsewhere if an online store did not offer a convenient delivery option, it is clear that when competing with the likes of Amazon and their extensive delivery options, 'click and collect' is an essential part of a retailers online offering. However, ultimately there is a cost to offering 'click and collect' as part of an omni-channel service and this cost must be borne by the retailer.  The nature and extent of the service offered affects the bottom line to the extent that some major retailers, most notably Tesco, Sports Direct and John Lewis, have sought to reclaim some of these costs by adding a charge for 'click and collect'.

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5 KPIs to drive revenue and retain your customers in retail

Retail is one of the most competitive industries with a sharp focus on increasing sales and retaining customers. In order for a retail organisation to stay on top, they need to know everything about their business.  As consumer behaviour changes, retail organisations are at an ever increasing demand to deliver an exceptional experience to both their in-store and online customers. But within the retail industry this doesn’t always happen. Former CEO of Home Depot had this to say:

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