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The 5 Essential Executive KPIs to Track in Jira

KPI reporting is essential for a business as it is a clear demonstration of how effectively your company or department are meeting their objectives. There are two types of KPIs; low level and high levels.

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How NOT to do your Marketing Analytics

The concept of marketing analytics has come to light in the past few years with management and executives wanting to know the exact figures for conversion rates. Now, thanks to digital marketing, this is now possible. No longer is it a case of having billboard advertising and not knowing how many people saw your advertisement yet alone if anyone actually followed through and bought your product because they saw it. We now have the metrics at hand which gives us a clear picture of what is working, or not working. From working in marketing I have learned a few things you should do and a few that you should not. I'll share a few insights into my 'should not' list and how you can work around this.

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