ServiceClarity have a brand spanking new app update coming your way!

Posted by Lucy Martin Apr 3, 2019 11:00:00 AM

 ServiceClarity are excited to announce we are currently in the process of undergoing a makeover. We listened to your feedback and are in the process of updating these changes!

What's new?

Well this is the first release of many but you will notice...

  • Fresh look - we have added in a few more colours to make your KPI reporting process a bright and cheery one! Cause who doesn't love KPI reporting?!

ServiceClarity KPI Library

  • Simpler menu - we have added in some features making the KPI experience a more seamless and automated process.
  • Collapsible space - you can now view your KPIs on the whole screen! Gone are the days when you have a sidebar to distract you, but don't worry, we've kept the icons in so you don't get lost.

ServiceClarity Menu

  • Quicker connection - we have added in the different connection options to make it easier for you to connect to the different datasets. 

ServiceClarity connectors


ServiceClarity will be making a few more changes in the next comings months so stay tuned! 
If you want to learn about our KPI reporting, ServiceClarity offer a free discovery phase where you receive one to one consultation to understand what KPIs your company needs to report on and where this information is stored. This is set up within 5 days and gives you a seamless, transparent reporting tool. Request your free phase below or join us for the next webinar;
                                                      Discovery Phase                   Demo Webinar


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