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Posted by Lucy Martin Apr 2, 2019 11:50:00 AM

Executive KPI Reporting for Jira is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

And how do we celebrate??

We are giving the first 50 downloads a month free of KPI reporting 🎉🎉

Executive KPI Reporting for Jira

What is 'Executive KPI Reporting for Jira'?


The ServiceClarity Executive KPI Reporting for Jira allows a user to view historical data, customise KPIs and create reports for different audiences.  It allows you to monitor performance against strategic goals and share these real-time reports will different audiences. 

Tired of constantly having to get an update from your BI team? 

ServiceClarity Executive KPI Reporting is a powerful automated real-time reporting tool and dashboard.  It allows you to analyse across your Jira projects to collect detailed metrics including timings, story points and priority.  Secondly, it gives you a real-time analysis of labour utilisation and efficiency, drives projections of cost, release dates and customer satisfaction! 

Don't believe me? Try our discovery phase

ServiceClarity offer a discovery phase where you receive one to one consultation to understand what KPIs your company needs to report on and where this information is stored. This is set up within 5 days and gives you a seamless, transparent reporting tool. Request your free phase below:

Discovery Phase


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