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Roger Wallace Jun 1, 2018 4:28:10 PM

At ServiceClarity we believe in getting the best you can from the data that you have. In practical terms this means working with the data available in operations tools such as JIRA and JIRA ServiceDesk. Operations tools often contain the most up to date and accurate picture of your organisation and as a core workflow and resource management product JIRA is plugged directly into how your team works. When combined with ServiceClarity this data can be leveraged to provide key insights and to drive optimisation.


Use ServiceClarity and JIRA to understand the quality of your work pipeline by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the % of new tasks without estimates or the % of new issues being rejected. Shine a light on the quality of your output by comparing the volume of issues found internally against the number found by your customers. Monitor your customers’ experience with time to respond and time to resolve KPIs and track reopened issues to help you get it right first time.


Use ServiceClarity to make sure that high priority tasks are being resolved as quickly as possible. Spot early warning signs of bottlenecks by monitoring cycle times, answering questions like: “How long is work waiting for customers?”, “How long are tasks waiting for QA?”. Use ServiceClarity burndown and throughput KPIs to track if work arriving faster than your team can cope.  


ServiceClarity with JIRA can calculate your work in progress (WIP) as well as your work throughput and average lead time helping you to plan ahead, to refine predicted delivery dates and react to changing circumstances. Use ServiceClarity to convert the time spent on JIRA tasks into costs and project these into the future to help manage budgets.

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