6 Development KPIs You Need To Be Tracking

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Conor Graham Apr 24, 2018 9:38:55 AM

A lot of the customers we work with are advocates of using Agile Reporting and so the importance of having development KPIs are critical within their processes.


Through communicating value, setting expectations and identifying trends it allows for a more focused business strategy to be set. And so to do this, we thought we would give you a starting point with these development KPIs that focus on managing cost and releasing quality software. 

1. Cycle Times
This KPI looks at how you can optimise your development process to deliver quicker.

2. Prioritisation 
Being able to priotise is vital, so ensuring that the right amount of time is being spent on high priority issues is key to avoiding low hanging fruit.

3. Estimation
Can we rely on story points to predict delivery dates?  Sales and Marketing need fixed release and project completion dates. 

4. Are We Going to Fast?
Agile encourages rapid delivery and sprints apply pressure.
Developing too quick results in more bugs and rework.

5. Process Adherence:
Is everyone following the process? Updating tasks etc.
If the process is not being followed, is it the right process?

6. Process Improvement
These are always highly unique to a development team to ensure the organisation is always improving.

Schedule a meeting if you would like more information or help of defining and outlining the right KPIs for you. Start tracking development KPIs today with our ServiceClarity for JIRA free trial.

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