Do you know we now White label? 😎

Posted by Lucy Martin Dec 4, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Following an increased demand in our KPI reporting tool, we have now implemented a White labelling option, where you can add your very own company logo on our KPI reporting dashboard. 

What is White label?

It's when a product or service is produced by one company and then is specifically designed to be used by a third party. If we take an example of electronic goods like DVD players, the hardware may be produced by a manufacturer but is then bought by several retailers, and is then stamped with their logo. It's the same product, just different branding. 


Why White label?

  1. Our White labelling services allows you to take advantage of expert work. Going into board meetings or potential partnerships you are equipped with a quality report and benefit from your brand name being on it!
  2. You can benefit from having your own in house developer. A KPI report with your own branding is like having your own developer/analyst team, except paying for white labelling is significantly cheaper than paying a developer to build a product/service. 
  3. We can offer a personalised KPI report with your own brand logo on it within one working day so time is reduced.
  4. We are continually developing the product, so by improving our services and adding on new features, you will benefit from ensuring your business remains current with todays technology.






We have also introduced easier connection and metric data filtering to enable a more seamless flow through choosing your KPIs to receiving your custom Dashboard. Through our JIRA API you are able to select  your current projects, issue types, current states, and advanced filters from a drop down list without having to type a thing, all bespoke to your system! 

Want to try it out for yourself? Connect to your JIRA instance and have a go!



 Or if you want to see how you can use our White label service, just contact us for a demo!

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