6 Operational KPIs you need to be tracking

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Conor Graham May 25, 2018 9:48:30 AM

ServiceClarity has worked with a range of customer support and service level managers that have a key focus on obtaining KPIs to drive customer satisfaction. Through this, we have identified 6 Essential Operational KPIs that we see as a trend that they are all looking for.

JIRA KPIs operational

1. % Time on Critical Issues
This looks at high priority tasks and exactly how much time is spent on these.  From this, we can then compare the relative time to the total time.

2. % First Line Fix
This KPI looks at what proportion of issues are handled by lower cost resources.  This could be of value if finding out the performance of an internal or off-shore support team is an objective.

3. Mean Time to Respond
This KPI looks at tracking time and if issues are being responded to in a timely manner after it has been submitted.

4. Mean Time to Resolve
How long is it taking to close issues.  This will then assist you in seeing what is taking up the most time so that quick decisions can be made to focus efforts on the right areas.

5. %SLAs Met
Are we meeting internal or external Service Level Agreements so that you can monitor to ensure customer expectations are met.

6.  Issue Burndown
This looks at comparing Open Vs Closed Issues so that you can see if your team is being utilised effectively or if you are under-resourced.

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