10 JIRA reports, and their KPIs, to measure development and operation success.

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Emma Foster Nov 14, 2017 9:39:45 AM

Measuring DevOps processes and getting the answers to efficiency questions can be broken into multiple report types that focus on best-practice Jira KPIs. Here are 10 Jira reports to help focus on continual improvement, increased quality, cost and faster time to market throughout an organisation.

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Software quality jira reportsQuality Reports:

  • Software Quality Report
    • % Time Spent Fixing Bugs
    • Number of Bugs per User Story
    • Average Time Spent in Test
    • % Bugs Reopened
  • Bug Report
    • Bug Burndown (Bugs Opened vs Closed)
    • % Bugs Found Post Release
    • % Critical Bugs
    • Mean Time to Resolve Bugs
jira bug reportsTime to Market Reports:
  • Velocity Report
    • Stories Opened versus Closed
    • Bugs Found versus Fixed
    • Story Points Closed 
    • Bugs Resolved
  • Remaining Effort Report
    • Story Points Remaining
    • Stories Remaining
    • Bugs Remaining
    • Days Remaining 
jira cost reportingFinancial Reports:
  • Cost Report
    • Development Costs
    • Testing Costs
    • Bug Fix Costs
    • Support Costs 
  • Revenue Report
    • % Time Chargeable 
    • Revenue
    • Profit
    • Lost Revenue 
jira time tracking reportsEfficiency Reports:
  • Time Report
    • % Time on User Stories
    • % Time on High Priority Stories
    • % Time on High Priority Bugs
    • % Time on Unplanned Activities
  • Priority Report
    • % of Senior Developer Time on High Priority Stories
    • % of Senior Developer Time on High Priority Defects 
jira customer satisfaciton reportsCustomer Reports:
  • Customer Satisfaction Report
    • First Time Fix
    • First Line Fix
    • % Defects Found by Customer
    • Reopened Customer Issues
  • SLA Report
    • % SLAs met
    • Mean Time To Resolve
    • Mean Time to Respond
    • % Right First Time 

By analysing which activities are performed by whom, and at what cost, we can pinpoint where costs can be reduced and value is created. More JIRA Executive KPI reporting information at www.serviceclarity.com/jira

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